gnome-maps 3.12.3

About gnome-maps

Map application based on OpenStreetMaps map data



This is an important release! With this release we switch from using
the MapQuest open API for fetching tiles. And instead we start using
Mapbox API. Using an community API key from Mapbox.

Mapbox is a company with a commitment to Open source. And provides
infrastructure that will allow us to do more with Maps. We are accessing
the Mapbox API through a GNOME proxy that will allow us to easier switch
our tile provider/URI in the future.

Big thanks to Mattias Bengtsson who made this solution happen.

Thank you, and sorry for our outage.

Changes since 3.12.2:

- Change tile URIs to use Mapbox, through proxy
- Fix escaping of tel: URIs
- Adapt colors of instuction when printing routes

======== (687K)
  sha256sum: 67cba50e63e127d377a10dd071bcc78b8d38d1ac6f5d0ab9feb1c99b7c58854f

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