gupnp-dlna 0.10.3


GUPnP is an object-oriented open source framework for creating UPnP
devices and control points, written in C using GObject and libsoup.
The GUPnP API is intended to be easy to use, efficient and flexible.

GUPnP DLNA is a small utility library that aims to ease the DLNA-
related tasks such as media profile guessing, transcoding to a given
profile, etc.


- Fix potential crash if gupnp_dlna_value_list_new failed.
- Fix hang if no meta-data back-end is available.
- Remove use of gnome-common, add compiler warnings and fix const
- Fix memory leak in gst-audio-information.
- Fix unit tests for new automake
- Make it possible to override the DLNA profile dir using
  GUPNP_DLNA_PROFILE_DIR environment variable
- Fix discoverer testsuite to run completely uninstalled.
- Fix gupnp-dlna-info -a to be stuck if profile guesser does not work.

Bugs fixed in this release:

All contributors to this release:
 - Jens Georg <mail jensge org>
 - Philip Withnall <philip tecnocode co uk>
 - Mark Ryan <mark d ryan intel com>
 - Ludovic Ferrandis <ludovic ferrandis intel com>

======== (321K)
  sha256sum: dcbe5f5f721c76781f3d3bb1bfcdf9818df0905203d4e5759aecb9cb127872d5

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