epiphany 3.17.1

About Epiphany

A simple web browser based on the popular WebKit rendering engine.


 - Allow opening links in a new incognito window (#749454)
 - Add option to search selected text in user-preferred search
   engine (#663545)
 - Theme fixes and improvements (#728874, #746778)
 - Fix regressions in the form filler (#750842)
 - Fixes to internationalization in search provider (#737085)
 - Other code fixes and minor improvements.
 - Updated translations.

https://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/3.17/epiphany-3.17.1.changes  (10.6K)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/epiphany/3.17/epiphany-3.17.1.tar.xz (2.93M)
  sha256sum: 199d660e7f11192199520fde0d35854b51f39f7f656f82a75c80482c18cff3d9

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