clutter 1.23.2

About Clutter

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast,
portable, compelling and dynamic graphical user interfaces. Clutter
uses OpenGL (and optionally OpenGL|ES for use on Mobile and embedded
platforms) for rendering, but with an API which hides the underlying
GL complexity from the developer. The Clutter API is intended to be
easy to use, efficient and flexible.


  • List of changes since Clutter 1.22

    - Add accessor functions for ClutterActor state
    Currently, actor state is accessible only via GObject properties and via
    pre-processor macros; the former are not very friendly for C developers,
    while the latter are not usable from language bindings. New functions have
    been added to fill in the gap; the macros have a "soft" deprecation, since
    compiler warnings cannot be used to detect their use.

    - Merge the Cally API reference into Clutter's
    The Cally API is part of the Clutter shared library; it makes sense to
    have the API references merged.

    - Improve visual handling with the GDK backend running on X11
    Cogl has its own visual, based on its preferred GLXFBConfig; this means
    that Clutter should use and expose the correct GdkVisual instance when
    creating the GdkWindow used for drawing the contents of the stage.

    - Improve input device handling in the GDK backend
    Properly detect touchpad devices; translate touch events.

  • List of bugs fixed since Clutter 1.22

    #707982 - Add PanAxis mode that automatically pins scroll based on initial
    #750496 - Touch events not correctly propagated through gdk backend
    #747489 - No access to the Visual used to build the CoglOnscreen
    #747951 - Tablet calibration targets do not respond to clicks
    #749739 - prepare ClutterSwipeAction for multi-finger swipes
    #749482 - x11: Fix touchpad detection

=========  (17.9K)

======== (5.06M)
  sha256sum: 9f25480e2faa02b1213d3644d4dbf8dbaab413a86186f25a36ec6231b5cc8599

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