msitools 0.94

About msitools

msitools is a set of programs to inspect and build Windows Installer
(.MSI) files. It is based on libmsi, a portable library to read and
write .MSI files. libmsi in turn is a port of (and a subset of) Wine's
implementation of the Windows Installer.


- Add support for Signature table
- Add support for scheduling AppSearch
- Add support for MsiFileHash table
- Update libpng wxi
- Add winpthreads wxi
- Update libvirt wxi
- Add opus wxi
- Add spice-glib wxi
- Update libffi wxi
- Update glib2 wxi
- Update libsoup wxi
- Add sqlite
- Update nettle wxi
- Update gtk2 wxi
- Update libgcrypt wxi
- Add option to make packages win64-aware
- Treat EDITTIME property as filetime in parse_prop
- Add gtk3 wxi
- Add spice-gtk3 wxi
- Add gtk-vnc2 wxi
- Add rest wxi
- Add libgovirt wxi
- Add gstreamer1 exi
- Add gstreamer1-plugins-base wxi
- Add gstreamer1-plugins-good wxi
- Add gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free wxi
- Update spice-glib wxi
- Update gcc wxi
- Fix wix close tag when no component groups are specified (wixl-heat)
- Build clean-ups
- Misc bug fixes
- Translations

======== (671K)
  sha256sum: 152eb4149cb44f178af93d17bbe0921b5312f30fb4780e5be113b35747b5cd2e

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