glade 3.19.0

About Glade Interface Designer

User Interface Builder for GTK+ applications


        - Bug 732328 "New: add python3 support" (Bohuslav "Slavek" Kabrda)
        - Added new symbolic variant of the app icon (747024 - Jakub Steiner)
        - Bug #741165 "Previewer crashes when taking PNG screenshot"
        - Added GtkSidebarWidget support (Matthias Clasen)
        - Added GtkStack and GtkStackSwitcher support (738480 - Matthias Clasen)
        - Added GtkHeaderBar support (bug 700914 - Matthias Clasen)
        - Improved undo/redo command list handling.
        - Added GtkBox center-widget support (bug 738473 - Matthias Clasen)
        - Added GtkSearchBar support (bug 738493 - Matthias Clasen)
        - Support CSD windows (Bug 700914 - Matthias Clasen)
        - Use current gtk-mac-integration API (bug 738339 - Philip Chimento)
        - Fixed bug 732575 "Changed the type hint on the "Edit Separately" window to 'utility'" (Tristan)
        - Fixed bug "Missing plural form for UI string: emited %d time(s)"
        - Avoid reading freed data in glade_project_read_requires (David Shea)
        - Added class chooser popover to workspace. (Bug 708146 "Catalog search entry")
        - Added GThemedIcon support.
        - GladePreviewer: show handler information in infobar when a signal is emited.
        - Migrated UI from stock icons to icon names.
        - Seal needed deprecated API and replaced deprecared API.
        - GladeWindow: only show found recent files.
        - Added GtkLockButton support.

=========  (59.9K)

======== (3.24M)
  sha256sum: a7a3f6d32fbfcc9b754b48a3410bf025e462bc7898e124f0ad8f64c3d7ad6fa2

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