gnumeric 1.12.19

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        * Add latex fragment exporter of visible rows only. [#739512]

        * Fix ants problems.

        * Plug leaks.
        * Pay more attention to union access rules.
        * Attempt a fix for clipboard crash.  [Redhat #1160975]
        * Truncate long strings for display in stf import.
        * Fix crash on closing a graph sheet.
        * Fix undo crash with conditional formatting and insert row.  [#741197]
        * Fix xlsx export of HYPGEOMDIST.
        * Fix xlsx export of document properties.
        * Fix multihead issue with graph windows.
        * Improve test suite.
        * Reorganize icon handling.
        * Allow removing a specific item from the history.  [#735305]
        * Fix GNM_HALIGN_DISTRIBUTED rendering.  [#726155]
        * Restore translations of function help texts.
        * Fix import of extended float formula results from wk4 files.
        * Fix ADDRESS problem.
        * Fix sheet-filter problem with errors.  [#742601]
        * Improve error handling for .gnumeric a bit.
        * Improve xlsx graph import: line colour; marker size; marker color;
          no lines; bounding box; trend lines; regression equations; axis label.
        * Improve xlsx graph export: line style; bar/col direction; marker shape;
          marker size; marker color; axis label; chart title; trend lines.
        * Improve xlsx export: default col widths; schema validity.
        * Improve modifier handling.  [#743130]

Thomas Kluyver:
        * Fix import of extended floats from wk4 files.  [#739679]


=========  (6.11K)

======== (17.6M)
  sha256sum: 2dc6b2203887e5a28b52da7493219c8acf7f131b44c214c5b00522aa5bc8e9d3

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