Overview of changes since NetworkManager-

This is a bugfix release of NetworkManager 0.9.10.  Notable changes include:

* Kernel 'cache' routes (such as those added by IPv6 operations) are ignored,
    preventing unwanted CPU usage
* Vala bindings for libnm-glib async methods have been added
* Some interactions with external OpenVPN daemon default routes have been fixed
* Fixed usage of libnm-glib connectivity checking from garbage-collected languages
* An unusual delay acquiring a DHCP lease with dhcpcd has been fixed
* A libnm-glib crash has been fixed when multiple NMClients are created
* A failure to pass certificate blobs to wpa_supplicant has been fixed
* A failure to send the inner private key password to wpa_supplicant has been fixed
* nmcli now returns earlier when activating master interfaces
* nmtui password fields now correctly display the password
* The IPv6 hop limit is no longer mistakenly set to 0 in some cases
* Some DHCPv6 failures are no longer fatal
* Handling of DHCP 'nak' and 'expire' states has been fixed in some cases
* WiFi band locking has been fixed
* Support for Bluetooth DUN with Bluez5 has returned
* Non-local users can now control networking after authenticating with PolicyKit
* Externally added routes no longer have their metrics overwritten
* Some child interfaces (eg VPN or WWAN) are no longer deconfigured when recognized
* Support for the PrimaryConnection D-Bus property has been backported
* IPv6 RDNSS/DNSSL forced expiration is now handled properly
* An invalid route to the DHCP server is no longer added in some configurations
* A crash when external master/slave changes were made has been fixed
* Various nmtui bugs for slaves, WiFi, and IP address buttons have been fixed
* DHCP no longer fails due to SIGPIPE when the systemd journal is restarted
* Unmanaged slaves are now updated correctly when they disappear
* Cooperation with external team interfaces has been fixed
* Bridge STP property ranges are now properly checked
* Manager state is now properly updated on resume
* Slave interfaces are no longer released on exit
* Static IPv6 configuration is now added before SLAAC is started
* Allow shared connections to be started without a carrier
* A crash when disconnecting older Nokia phones has been fixed

======== (2.47M)
  sha256sum: 3333cd47628dc2f23a9105447ca4e6a02493aed78070cf946d63fc74cfdd4ef1

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