gnome-settings-daemon 3.15.4

About gnome-settings-daemon

GNOME Settings Daemon


- Added GsdDeviceManager with X11 and udev (for native wayland
  sessions) backends
- Most keyboard, mouse, touchpad and wacom settings schemas moved to
  gsettings-desktop-schemas. User settings migration is done
  automatically at startup
- The moved settings are now applied by mutter >= 3.15.4

- Adjust to ShellKeyGrabber changes (requires gnome-shell >= 3.15.4 at
  run time)
- Make power-actions non-interactive based on mode

- Export the session bus ID as an xsetting

======== (1.54M)
  sha256sum: f7f902daf465379f9f055265ca7faf7530bd4596894d7a50336003275345b1bc

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