gnome-music 3.15.4

About gnome-music

Music player and management application


* Smart playlists - Most Played, Never Played, Recently Played
  The list is not yet final, stay tuned. Note that we use's way
  to count song as 'played' - more than 40% of song content should be played.
* Chunked loading was removed - scrolling should be faster
* Content is now hidden before fully loaded - notification on the progress will
  land in master in next version.
* Playlists are remvoed after time out, removal can be undone
* Dependency cnahge: libmediaart-2.0.pc is now required
* Replaygain tags are now supported
* Overall performance fixes

* Bugs fixed:
 729376 New Playlist in application menu doesn't do anything
 704257 Visible content loading
 742603 Regression: empty covers are oversized in playbar, still 'in-progress' on artists view
 742451 Support Undo when removing playlists
 733686 Gnome music will not launch
 726459 Crash on playlist tabs when new media has been scanned
 702519 Smart playlists
 742800 Playlist broken due to typo
 742123 Hitting 'cancel' while creating new playlist crashes program
 731613 gnome-music-3.12.2 fails to start if xdg default directories are not created
 742011 Query: add a/an to articles
 730269  ReplayGain support?

* Updated translations and help files

======== (1.40M)
  sha256sum: 0f8078cc0cabcd95047a2ca247936e8ca770fcaa56c6945616a0562f6e41fc09

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