totem 3.15.4

About totem

Movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer


- Remove spacing around preferences tabs
- Stop thumbnailing when exiting, and when playback starts
- Handle "Powerpoint" buttons on remotes
- Keep the controls visible when seeking with the slider
- Show controls when seeking with the keyboard
- Use the theme's foreground color to render the symbolics
- Only show videos longer than 5 seconds in the overview
- Hide source which provide torrent URLs (for now)
- Remove use of a number of deprecated properties
- Require a newer cairo for hi-dpi support
- Fix Totem doubling files added on the cmd line
- Fix missing translation support in thumbnailer/gallery support

=========  (11.3K)

======== (3.09M)
  sha256sum: 76a7fb74de62e90627d7463eb087cfef6509beee3cb6e0709383f41ae0fba10b

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