gnome-music 3.14.3

About gnome-music

Music player and management application


Overview of changes in 3.14.2

* Bugs fixed:
 740330 Album view - music icons are badly rendered
 740524 Missing license headers in and
 731639 The pictures have different proportions, influencing the effect of alignment
 729459 under Artists, tracks in the same album are very far apart from each other
 740490 Music "forgets" search string, but search results remain
 731613 gnome-music-3.12.2 fails to start if xdg default directories are not created
 726459 Crash on playlist tabs when new media has been scanned
 733686 Gnome music will not launch
 742123 Hitting 'cancel' while creating new playlist crashes program
 743042 Gstreamer error messages should be more detailed
 729376 New Playlist in application menu doesn't do anything

* Updated translations and help files

======== (1.40M)
  sha256sum: 30bec04bb506f8dfc9a41ccf89243ed7422736f65e804482a3b4ed2b7b80e55d

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