gtksourceview 3.15.3

About gtksourceview

GtkSourceView is a portable library that extends GtkTextView, the
standard GTK+ framework for multiline text editing. GtkSourceView adds
support for configurable syntax highlighting, unlimited undo/redo,
search and replace, a completion framework, printing, file loading and
saving, and other features typical of a source code editor.


* Better word boundaries for word selection (double-click) and word movements
  (ctrl+arrow, shift+ctrl+arrow, ctrl+backspace, etc).
* Add style scheme chooser widgets: GtkSourceStyleSchemeChooser (interface),
  GtkSourceStyleSchemeChooserButton and GtkSourceStyleSchemeChooserWidget.
* Add gtk_source_view_indent_lines() and gtk_source_view_unindent_lines().
* Add the GtkSourceView::move-to-matching-bracket action signal.
* Add gtk_source_buffer_join_lines().
* Gutter: use current line background color for current line.
* Add syntax highlighting support for Apache Thrift.
* Various other improvements and bug fixes
* Translation updates

======== (1.22M)
  sha256sum: 2b11d61a3d514c9003b5154280c133bdb130f8d6210b8db97184e5ad2cc3fdce

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