aravis 0.3.7

About Aravis

Acquisition library for industrial cameras


  * genicam: fix accuracy of division of integers (Emmanuel)
  * new arv_make_high_priority and arv_make_realtime API (Emmanuel)
  * viewer: make stream thread realtime if possible (Emmanuel)
  * camera: add GigEVision specific API for packet delay, packet size and stream selection (Emmanuel)
  * gst_pugins: add a number of buffers property (Patrick)
  * build fixes (Patrick)
  * translation updates (Tiago, Muhammet)

Release 0.3.6

  * build: add missing test commands in (Adrian)
  * camera: new abort_acquisition function (Davide)
  * gv_stream: missing frame detection fix (Davide)
  * buffer: user_data and frame_id accessors
  * chunk_parser: bug fixes
  * viewer: prevent use of broken coglsink from autovideosink
  * translations: updates (Matej, Bal√°zs, Andika, Daniel, Rafael)

======== (468K)
  sha256sum: e3f890da8e4b7bab1f132e6273f12ccf66aaf9a251985f4ba3b010e5e148aecd

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