gupnp 0.20.13

About GUPnP

GUPnP is an object-oriented open source framework for creating UPnP
devices and control points, written in C using GObject and libsoup.
The GUPnP API is intended to be easy to use, efficient and flexible.

This is core UPnP library that implements the generic UPnP
specification on top of GSSDP: resource announcement and discovery,
description, control, event notification, and presentation (GUPnP
includes basic web server functionality through libsoup). GUPnP does
not include helpers for construction or control of specific
standardized resources (e.g. MediaServer); this is left for higher
level libraries utilizing the GUPnP framework.


Changes since 0.20.12:

- Fix cyclic includes.
- Avoid redefinition of symbols.
- Fix missing function declaration.
- Don't check von connman.pc.
- Allow actions without arguments.
- Respect "prefer_bigger" even if there is no icon size.
- DOAP fixes.
- Fix VAPI generation.
- Fix reference counting.
- Port to new libsoup API.

Bugs fixed in this release:

All contributors to this release:
 - Jens Georg <mail jensge org>
 - Sven Neumann <neumann teufel de>
 - Jussi Kukkonen <jku goto fi>
 - Olav Vitters <olav vitters nl>
 - Etienne Peron <etienne peron parrot com>
 - Andre Klapper <a9016009 gmx de>

======== (386K)
  sha256sum: d779b094f13097a5900689b3587e5b495d79112d0855ed842577acba25c902b3

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