gstreamermm 1.4.3

About gstreamermm

gstreamermm provides C++ interface for GStreamer library. It allows to
use strongly typed values instead of raw pointers, supports
Glib::RefPtr class which should be used instead of _ref and _unref


 * Add more methods to a wrapped classes.
 * Wrapp classes: GstAllocator, GstAtomicQueue, GstContext.
 * Fix miniobject's make_writable method.
 * Add msvc support (vcxproj).
 * Add example for elements with sometimes pads.
 * Improve main page in documentation
 * Fix refcount bug in Gst::Buffer::copy and QueryCaps::parse.
 * Fix segfault Gst::QueryAllocation::parse_nth_allocation_meta.
 * Add more unittests. 

=========  (20.1K)

======== (5.61M)
  sha256sum: f1c11ee1cf7537d77de7f8d486e09c5140cc4bb78882849718cd88959a55462e

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