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* Use a default filename when priting to a file, #737206 (David King)
* Use g_async_queue_new_full(), #737528 (Paolo Borelli)
* Ignore unused decompressor files, #737519 (Gergely Polonkai)
* Remove g_type_init() calls, #737518 (Gergely Polonkai)
* Use AX_COMPILER_FLAGS (David King, Philip Withnall)
* Fix many compiler warnings (David King)
* Check if __STDC_VERSION__ is defined, #744454 (Mark Chalupa)
* Updated translations:
  he    (Yosef Or Boczko)
  is    (Sveinn í Felli)
  nl    (hanniedu)
  pt    (Pedro Albuquerque)
  tr    (Muhammet Kara, Yaşar Şentürk)
  vi    (Trần Ngọc Quân)

======== (1.35M)
  sha256sum: c5b10d60d498370cef1bff77253c89a6025303c4dfa8c69341de0a4e1325d3c7

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