libpeas 1.13.0

About libpeas

libpeas is a GObject-based plugins engine, and is targeted at giving
every application the chance to assume its own extensibility.


* Removed support for Seed plugins
* Added support for Lua 5.1 plugins using the LGI bindings
* PeasEngine is now thread-safe
* Added support for non-global plugins loaders
* Load C plugins with local linkage
* Use Python to implement the plugin loader's logic
* Support Python plugins that define __all__
* Use Lua to implement the plugin loader's logic
* Prevent the accidental escaping of globals with Lua plugins
* Misc bugfixes

* Translation updates:
  - Basque
  - Brazilian Portuguese
  - Czech
  - Friulian
  - Galician
  - Hebrew
  - Hungarian
  - Japanese
  - Kannada
  - Nepali
  - Russian
  - Spanish
  - Turkish

=========  (63.7K)

======== (531K)
  sha256sum: a5f795b0341efb5d38aca26727294c2ab22e32e8ed3e22082ac38f4cce7656d3

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