gtk-vnc 0.5.4

About gtk-vnc

A VNC viewer widget for GTK+


Bug fixes:

 o Fix auth when using PLAIN SASL method
 o Fix introspection build support on FreeBSD
 o Remove use of deprecated GTK_STOCK_* constants
 o Fix parallel build for introspection files
 o Add mising dep on Gtk introspection file
 o Release held keys when getting grab notify
 o Updated translations
 o Don't call into GDK if no GdkWindow is realized
 o Chain up parent realize_event vfunc
 o Fix colourmap mode by always sending pixel format message
 o Update GCC compiler warning flags used
 o Enable double buffering on Gtk3 to fix child widget clipping
 o Disable -Wbad-function-cast to avoid glib header warnings
 o Don't set thread callbacks on gcrypt >= 1.6 or gnutls >= 2.12
 o Do explicit check for gcrypt since gnutls might use nettle
 o Add support for Wayland & Xwayland keymaps
 o Add support for Gtk Broadway backend keymaps
 o Fix AltGr handling on Windows displays
 o Fix virtual keycode conversion on Win32
 o Fix USB/HID scsancodes for volume keys

=========  (12.1K)

======== (408K)
  sha256sum: 488aa97a76ce6868160699cd45d4a0ee0fe6f0ad4631737c6ddd84450f6c9ce7

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