libgsf 1.14.31

About libgsf

An extensible I/O abstraction library for dealing with structured file


        * Add two new localc name spaces to gsf-opendoc-utils

Allin Cottrell:
        * Add support for non-default zip compression level.  [#722470]

        * Plug leaks.
        * Dead kittens.
        * Reduce number of CRITICALs for corrupted files.
        * Read zip files with 64k+ members.  [Part of #732209]
        * Read zip files members larger than 4G.  [Part of #732209]
        * Speed up zip file reading for lots of members.
        * Speed up stdio directory handling with large number of files.
        * Fix various issues with files larger than 4G.
        * Fix minor zip file issues.
        * Write zip archives with more than 64k+ members.
        * Store unix modtime in zip.  (Until that overflows.)
        * Fix seekability checks in GsfOutputIOChannel.
        * Avoid implementation defined behaviour of shifts.
        * Start a test suite.


=========  (5.52K)

======== (591K)
  sha256sum: ec8f48059fc56ff4cb3757ba53fe43eea3c51e21254d4416448102ffa4057982

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