geary 0.9.1

About geary

Geary is an IMAP email client built for the GNOME desktop environment.
It allows you to read and send email with a simple, modern interface.


  * Support HTML signatures (#738895)
  * Quote from multiple selections in reply (#738188)
  * Restore reply/reply all/forward state of edited drafts (#743067)
  * Quoted message portion may be easily removed in composer (#741609)
  * True delete now supported in Gmail (#721790)
  * Improved searching for terms w/ punctuation (#714863)
  * Better management of draft messages to avoid orphans
  * Empty Trash, Empty Spam (#714809, #725260)
  * Better conversation construction (#714563)
  * Improved IMAP connection reestablishment and retrying of remote operations
  * Various bug fixes, optimizations, improvements
  * Updated translations

======== (860K)
  sha256sum: 6379b9193dfa1ce1125a3139176eaca0c1598dda61aa6d7c19cf7606a3906f33

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