cheese 3.15.1

About Cheese

Cheese uses your webcam to take photos and videos, applies fancy
special effects and lets you share the fun with others. It was written
as part of Google's 2007 Summer of Code lead by daniel g. siegel and
mentored by Raphaƫl Slinckx. Under the hood, Cheese uses GStreamer to
apply fancy effects to photos and videos. With Cheese it is easy to
take photos of you, your friends, pets or whatever you want and share
them with others. After the success of the Summer of Code, the
development continued and we are still looking for people with nice
ideas and patches ;)


  - Substitute bindir and libexecdir in
    Rather than substituting the values of libexecdir and bindir during
    configure, which might include some unexpanded shell variables, expand
    and substitute them as targets in instead.
  - Use AC_PROG_SED in
  - Remove old marshaller header from doc ignore list
  - Use get_instance_private() instead of priv pointer
    Use the generated macro rather than storing a pointer to the private
    struct within the object.
  - Drop some trailing semicolons after macros
  - Use new-style private struct in CheeseCameraDevice
  - Use _get_instance_private() consistently in camera
    Use the new cheese_camera_get_instance_private() instead of the old
  - Bump required Vala version for get_menu_by_id()
    Use the get the given menu from GtkApplication.
  - Refactor setup_camera() in CheeseWidget
    Remove superfluous prototype. Use GSettings convenience getters. Reduce
    scope of some variables.
  - Avoid using G_GNUC_CONST on _get_type()
    As the g_type_ensure() documentation notes, it is incorrect to mark a
    _get_type() method with G_GNUC_CONST, as it as a side effect the first
    time it is called.

=========  (168)

======== (1.72M)
  sha256sum: 1d52ccae40d3f53a04a9710acce4163b26ef7cf91b518f4bd9173925f6f8e6f9

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