About GNOME Boxes

A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems


Changes since

- Fix crash on launching a VNC box.
- Fix exit of wizard when going back from customization screen.
- Don't start the VM after reverting to a snapshot unless it was running in
  foreground before the reversion operation.
- Always show "Reverting to SNAPSHOT_NAME" message when reverting as we can
  never be sure about the speed of the operation.
- Fix the the issue of pause button still being available to user when a
  selected box(es) is already being paused and Boxes leading into interesting
  scenerios if user clicks on the button.
- Fix the issue of change of box name from toolbar title not getting saved.
- Fix cancellation of media setup and therefore wizard jumping to setup page
  even after user has cancelled creation of corresponding VM.
- Continue wizard to next step on user hitting 'Enter' in URL entry.
- Correctly handle HTTP(S) redirection.
- Remove a now redundant work around.
- Added/updated/fixed translations:
  - Arabic

All contributors to this release:

Mosaab Alzoubi <moceap hotmail com>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <zeeshanak gnome org>

======== (1.29M)
  sha256sum: 2fbc36d6e7d8ab6b026233b523030a805d9076f573044127018394f61d5c492d

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