evolution-data-server 3.13.7

About evolution-data-server

Centralized access to appointments and contacts


Bug Fixes:
        Bug 737279 - DRA not working (Fabiano Fidêncio)
        Bug 653157 - Enable extra compiler warnings in maintainer mode only (Milan Crha)
        Bug 699597 - EBookSqlite: Add indices on family_name, nickname, given_name and file_as (David 
        Bug 699597 - EBookSqlite: Fix queries to use LEFT JOIN where appropriate (David Woodhouse)
        Bug 699597 - EBookSqlite: Use UNION for autocomplete queries (David Woodhouse)
        Bug 737903 - [SMTP] Crash when authentication fails (Milan Crha)
        Bug 737951 - CAMEL_DEBUG=smtp should provide information about SMTP server (Milan Crha)
        Bug 737733 - [IMAPx] Prevent "Stream has outstanding operation" error (Milan Crha)
        Bug 223621 - Add per-account mail Archive Folder option (Milan Crha)
        Bug 738288 - EBookSqlite is leaking memory in ebsql_ref_from_hash function (Mateusz Polrola)
        Bug 698964 - Hide password prompt right after getting the password (Milan Crha)
        Bug 708166 - Update EClient properties on idle after GDBusProxy notify (Milan Crha)
        Bug 737930 - Claims invalid PGP signature for single line mail (Christian Schaarschmidt)
        Bug 738724 - [IMAP] Message flag changes not always saved (Milan Crha)
        Bug 738965 - [SQLite VFS] Crash due to missing xFetch definition (Milan Crha)
        Bug 738184 - [IMAPx] Not every server returns empty namespace prefix for INBOX (Milan Crha)
        Bug 712392 - Delay server availability checks on network change (Milan Crha)
        Bug 583772 - Specify folder in "Downloading new messages for offline mode" (Milan Crha)

        [Win32] Provide a simple password store (Milan Crha)
        Correct compiler flags for libedataserver-private.la (Milan Crha)
        Add libedbus-private.la into LIBADD where needed (Milan Crha)
        Fix UOA accounts accumulating on startup. (Michael Blennerhassett)
        imapx_is_duplicate_fetch_or_refresh: Fix incorrect bit-flag test (Milan Crha)
        CamelMimeFilterToHTML - If the PRE close tag is written to the output, mark it as processed in 
private as well (Tomas Popela)
        Do not define EBackend::online as G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT (Milan Crha)
        Fixed introspection annotations. (tintou)
        [SMTP] Fails to send message after a change for bug 737903 (Milan Crha)
        Update MAINTAINERS, doap. (Matthew Barnes)
        [CamelService] Connect/Disconnect rely on provided cancellable (Milan Crha)
        [CamelFolder/Store] Check online state of the session too before connecting (Milan Crha)
        [CamelIMAPXConnManager] Can starve in close connections (Milan Crha)
        Use 90 seconds timeout for Camel connections (Milan Crha)
        [CamelOfflineStore] Count with host reachability update delay (Milan Crha)
        [IMAPx] Do not connect to the server in offline mode (Milan Crha)

        Rajesh Ranjan (hi)
        Rūdolfs Mazurs (lv)
        Saibal Ray (bn_IN)
        Piotr Drąg (pl)
        Milo Casagrande (it)
        Daniel Mustieles (es)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-data-server/3.13/evolution-data-server-3.13.7.tar.xz (5.18M)
  sha256sum: 294be3a9c257ce5600efab438e426fa185859d115e815ebf587d25cc3978d2f9

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