libmediaart 1.9.0

About libmediaart

Library tasked with managing, extracting and handling media art caches


  * Fixes: GB#722795, tracker should not scatter .mediaartlocal folders across filesystem
  * Fixes: GB#724879, Add async calls


  This RELEASE COMPLETELY BREAKS API/ABI on nearly all functions and
  is incompatible with the 1.0 series of releases (the last being

  This unstable release is in preparation for the libmediaart-2.0
  series of releases. The version being < 2.0 is purely because 2.0
  will be considered stable.

  From this point on, the API is not expected to change by any large
  amount from what is defined in these releases.

======== (5.55M)
  sha256sum: 94668adb29d4dc3115b0fd105942ebd5ca6f5f9dbb2afa8a191a73a747dd506f

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