eog 3.14.1

About Eye of GNOME Image Viewer

The Eye of GNOME image viewer is the official image viewer for the
GNOME Desktop environment. With it, you can view single image files,
as well as large image collections. The Eye of GNOME supports a
variety of image file formats. The GdkPixbuf library determines which
file formats Eye of GNOME can load and save.


Bug fixes:

 #737213, Cant't build eog-3.14 without XMP support (Felix Riemann)
 #737772, Confirmation dialogs should wrap their labels (Felix Riemann)
 #737960, Requires gtk+-3.14 (Felix Riemann)

New and updated translations:

- Arash Mousavi [fa]
- Pawan Chitrakar [ne]

New and updated manual translations

- Changwoo Ryu, Seong-ho Cho [ko]
- Rafael Ferreira [pt_BR]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/eog/3.14/eog-3.14.1.changes  (4.78K)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/eog/3.14/eog-3.14.1.tar.xz (4.14M)
  sha256sum: d1d954a741d5c4258f74c6b021dafcb4c5cd5c29c033931a28fd6f1c104be088

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