evolution-ews 3.12.7

About evolution-ews

MS Exchange integration through Exchange Web Services


Bug Fixes:
        Bug 736257 - Fix cancellation of addressbook lookups (David Woodhouse)
        Bug 733578 - Out of Office settings - external audience value is not saved (Milan Crha)
        Bug 737773 - Duplicate GAL in new accounts (Milan Crha)

        Update addressbook to use ->open_sync() (David Woodhouse)
        Use GInitable to initialise addressbook (David Woodhouse)
        Port addressbook to EBookSqlite (David Woodhouse)
        Fix build for oab-decode-test, port it to EBookSqlite (David Woodhouse)
        Move dset handling inside ews_decode_addressbook_record() (David Woodhouse)
        Use (hashed) PidTagEmailAddress for OAB item UID (David Woodhouse)
        Pass GInputStream to decoder functions instead of assuming priv->fis (David Woodhouse)
        Use GMemoryInputStream for processing records, calculate SHA1 on each (David Woodhouse)
        Optimise EWS GAL update not to rewrite unchanged records (David Woodhouse)
        Avoid processing OAB records which already exist (David Woodhouse)
        Fix modify_contacts for EBookSqlite (David Woodhouse)
        Fix addressbook upgrade from pre-SHA1 versions (David Woodhouse)
        Reduce addressbook refresh interval to 6 hours (David Woodhouse)
        Avoid using dynamic types for ESourceEwsFolder (David Woodhouse)
        Add revision support for addressbook (David Woodhouse)
        Add locale support for addressbook (David Woodhouse)
        Make ebews_fetch_items() return a list of EContacts not EVCards (David Woodhouse)
        Refactor ews_update_items_thread() to do all database access together (David Woodhouse)
        Kill store_to_cache option for ebews_fetch_items() (David Woodhouse)
        Clean up resync code path in ews_update_items_thread() (David Woodhouse)
        Use EBookSqlite locking (David Woodhouse)
        Fix notification for non-GAL updates to only happen on commit (David Woodhouse)
        Don't flush the final GAL updates if there are none (David Woodhouse)
        Initialise filename to NULL in ews_remove_old_gal_file() (David Woodhouse)
        Add evolution-ews.metainfo.xml file (Milan Crha)
        Use INTLTOOL_XML_RULE for appdata files (Milan Crha)

        Shankar Prasad (kn)
        Sandeep Sheshrao Shedmake (mr)
        Krasimir Chonov (bg)

https://download.gnome.org/sources/evolution-ews/3.12/evolution-ews-3.12.7.tar.xz (646K)
  sha256sum: 138fb6c4cdb36757b3c1efc430b5392d30fe7520c280168c80687627fc325671

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