gnome-color-manager 3.14.1

About GNOME Color Manager

GNOME Color Manager is a set of graphical utilities for color
management to be used in the GNOME desktop.


Released: 2014-10-12

* Translations
 - Added Friulian translation (Fabio Tomat)
 - Updated Bengali (India) translation (Saibal Ray)
 - Updated Korean translation (Changwoo Ryu)
 - Updated Telugu translation (Krishnababu Krothapalli)
 - Updates Persian translation (Arash Mousavi)

* Bugfix:
 - Prevent a crash when profiling a printer (Richard Hughes)

=========  (1.50K)

======== (2.51M)
  sha256sum: 806333af6f31e976ca9a1abca19a82cca8dde58bd0f6f81aeb200d0b9f610b19

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