latexila 3.14.1

About latexila

LaTeXila is an Integrated LaTeX Environment for GNOME, written in

The main features:

- Customizable buttons to compile, convert and view a document in one

- LaTeX commands completion

- Document structure to easily navigate in it

- Forward and backward search with SyncTeX

- Spell checking

- Lists of symbols (Greek letters, arrows, etc)

- Templates for creating new documents

- Easy projects management

- Some menus and toolbars with the principal LaTeX commands


* A few bug fixes and small improvements
* GTK+ 3.14 is required because LaTeXila overrides some CSS properties
  and assumes that GTK+ 3.14 is used.

======== (1.08M)
  sha256sum: ca2bf99a54be9be06fc03015abd1f90f8bd2f0d33b50decd71863f6c26914d44

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