gnome-music 3.10.3

About gnome-music

Music player and management application


* Bug fixes:
  * 709234 don't crash if we can't connect to settings daemon
  * 721595 Typing should trigger a search
  * 724016 don't segment artist list sidebar
  * 723942 Search on keypress function opens search bar even when pressing any key
  * 708154 Crash when Search button is toggled on No Music view
  * 723765 Static spinner superimposed over album artwork
  * 721297 Shuffle is not random enough
  * 700022 app no longer fits half maximized
  * 707744 Song is being replayed when paused

Overview of changes in 3.10.2

* Correctly use AlbumArtCache.get_media_title in notifications

* Correctly use gettext call

* Do not ship a broken AppData file

* Added translations:
 Afrikaans (af)

* Updated translations:

Overview of changes in 3.10.1

======== (1.32M)
  sha256sum: c07e8dcde2cc67bcd0b9d6b8dfb6b16c73c65700d7bd80087068da6e037faf68

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