cogl 1.17.4

About Cogl

Cogl is a small open source software library for using 3D graphics
hardware to draw pretty pictures. The API departs from the flat state
machine style of OpenGL and is designed to make it easy to write
orthogonal components that can render without stepping on each others
toes. Cogl currently supports OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and OpenGL > 1.3 (or
1.2 if you have the GL_ARB_multitexture extension), and having Gallium
or D3D backends are options for the future.


  • List of changes since Cogl 1.17.2

  » cogl-gst now ensures that sampled video fragments are always
    pre-multiplied with the alpha component.
  » cogl-gst now has NV12 format support.
  » The cogl-basic-video-player example can now be passed an
    custom gstreamer pipeline description, as long as it contains
    a coglsink element.
  » The -experimental-2.0 pkg-config files now all depend on
    cogl-2.0-experimental instead of cogl-1.0.
  • Gnome Bugzilla bugs closed since 1.17.2:

    #712832 - video-sink: Add NV12 shader support
    #719741 - GLX winsys: fix feature handling for INTEL_swap_event
    #722765 - Fix the exported symbols regular expression in cogl-path
    #723530 - cogl-pipeline: SEGV in _cogl_pipeline_fragend_glsl_end

Many thanks to:

  Neil Roberts
  Lionel Landwerlin
  Andreas Oberritter
  Daniel Korostil
  Emmanuele Bassi
  Kjartan Maraas
  Owen W. Taylor

======== (1.55M)
  sha256sum: 573c4ee7335fc4d4d1578e9103191e260fcaab8a80dfd20464c70444a74cbaaf

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