gnome-shell 3.11.90

About GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME 3
desktop, like switching to windows and launching applications. GNOME
Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware
and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a
visually attractive and easy to use experience.

Tarball releases are provided largely for distributions to build
packages. If you are interested in building GNOME Shell from source,
we would recommend building from version control using the build
script described at:

Not only will that give you the very latest version of this rapidly
changing project, it will be much easier than get GNOME Shell and its
dependencies to build from tarballs.


* Stop showing two bluetooth entries [Giovanni; #709353]
* Improve styling of login/lock screen [Reda; #723833]
* Fix magnifier crosshairs [Magdalen; #723709]
* Make NetworkManager support optional [Michael; #669495]
* Make middle-click open a new instance [Florian; #695010]
* Scale the UI on high resolution displays [Cosimo, Adel; #705410, #724607]
* Remove notification counter on screen shield [Carlos; #709275]
* Improve app picker transition [Carlos; #722331]
* Add geolocation indicator to status menu [Zeeshan; #723684]
* Improve timestamps in chat notifications [Carlos; #708031, #715158]
* Improve network menus [Giovanni; #723570]
* Add "VPN Setting" item to VPN submenu [Giovanni; #709167]
* Improve appearance of disclosure arrows [Carlos; #720206]
* Add GSetting key to disable version validation of extensions [Adel; #724683]
* Delay auto-removing empty workspaces [Florian; #709064]
* Offer offline updates in the shutdown dialog [Kalev; #722898]
* Animate tile previews [Florian; #665758]
* Misc. bug fixes and cleanups [Giovanni, Ryan, Debarshi, Florian; #709128,
  #722342, #723661, #724184, #724256, #724293, #724305, #722554, #724282,
  #724690, #722928]

  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak), Magdalen Berns, Michael Biebl, Giovanni Campagna,
  Cosimo Cecchi, Adel Gadllah, Reda Lazri, Kalev Lember, Ryan Lortie,
  Florian Müllner, Debarshi Ray, Carlos Soriano, Jasper St. Pierre,
  Colin Walters

  Victor Ibragimov [tg], Daniel Mustieles [es], Khaled Hosny [ar],
  Enrico Nicoletto [pt_BR], Yosef Or Boczko [he], Fran Diéguez [gl],
  Marek Černocký [cs], Baurzhan Muftakhidinov [kk], Jorge Pérez Pérez [an],
  Kjartan Maraas [nb], David Lüder [de], Daniel Korostil [uk], ngoswami [as],
  Rafael Ferreira [pt_BR]

======== (1.45M)
  sha256sum: 0b3825abbe8690315019a7c481d739e9a824f4b4c915e49769b80f184d4e4a8c

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