atk 2.11.90

About atk

The interface definitions of accessibility infrastructure.


* AtkComponent:
  * Deprecate get_position and get_size in favor of get_extents.
* AtkTable:
  * Deprecate all index-based methods (atk_table_get_index_at,
    atk_table_get_column_at_index, atk_table_get_row_at_index).
* AtkTableCell:
  * Bug 651353: Add AtkTableCell
* Documentation:
  * Document that atk_component_contains has a default implementation.
  * Document AtkTableCell.
  * Update AtkTable documentation after AtkTableCell addition.
  * Document AtkRegistry (already existed but not properly included on
    the documentation).
  * API reference categorized (now easier to read).
  * ATK overview added.
  * Added some previously forgotten symbols (thanks to atk-unused.txt)

  Mike Gorse, Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

  Jorge Pérez Pérez (an), Kjartan Maraas (nb), Andika Triwidada (id)

======== (655K)
  sha256sum: 44e33abad64419b92fd2ae45fb0d37b9faab6b53640a1a54e068af6fccad4417

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