totem 3.11.90

About totem

Movie player for the GNOME desktop based on GStreamer


- Add sideways swipe gestures to seek inside the window
- Move Open/Add menu items to the "Add" button
- Add drop support to the "Recent" section of the overview
- Implement "Make Available Offline"
- Maximise window by default
- Make F10 show the gear menu
- Make Ctrl+F toggle the search mode
- Handle the "Play DVD" remote control key
- Pause playback when the screensaver comes on
- Correct spacing and title of the preferences window
- Remove film strip by default from thumbnails, nautilus
  will add them itself if necessary
- Fix monitoring of Grilo sources
- Show switcher buttons when turning on search
- Ensure the buffering spinner gets removed when closing a file

=========  (28.9K)

======== (3.16M)
  sha256sum: 3df1bbd72df82a905b6f6a6eaac3def17b0f586f578678f55d22ee7cc59dd7d0

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