nautilus 3.11.90

About Nautilus

Default file manager for GNOME


* Port to GtkHeaderBar (Yosef Or Boczko, Matthias Clasen)
* Fix tab label not being update on removals or renames
* Fix minimum size requisition of Nautilus windows
* Fix remote mounts not being detected as removed (Daniel Schürmann)
* Fix high CPU usage when searching with criteria (Daniel Wyatt)
* Fix unwanted search entries on the desktop (Marc Deslauriers)
* Fix initial value of start-with-sidebar
* Fix some critical assertions
* Fix a crash when selecting an unsupported custom image (Nelson Benítez León)
* Remove Set as Background action on interactive DND
* Use unity-control-center when under Unity (Robert Ancell)
* Add film strip in nautilus rather than in totem (Bastien Nocera)

======== (3.25M)
  sha256sum: 0eb2849f0f6cc718baf7a44ceedce6e9309473451dd487b00f961eeebecc7802

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