accerciser 3.11.90

About Accerciser

Accerciser is an interactive Python accessibility explorer for the
GNOME desktop.

 It uses AT-SPI2 to inspect and control widgets, allowing you to check
if an application is providing correct information to assistive
technologies and automated test frameworks. Accerciser has a simple
plugin framework which you can use to create custom views of
accessibility information.

    You can read more about Accerciser at


What's New
- help: fix a typo
- Remove INSTALL from git repo
- Fix for bug 709349 - Make the highlight window a POPUP window
- Fix for bug 709122 - Do not wrap __class__ object from plugins' methods


Michael Catanzaro, Javier Hernández

======== (3.06M)
  sha256sum: 283822146471b6fc905e6f62f707138be4c62d0eba53801a3d612ebc82aeb6b9

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