gnome-system-monitor 3.11.90

About System Monitor

Gnome System Monitor is a GNOME process viewer and system monitor with
an attractive, easy-to-use interface, It has features, such as a tree
view for process dependencies, icons for processes, the ability to
hide processes that you don't want to see, graphical time histories of
CPU/memory/swap usage, the ability to kill/renice processes needing
root access, as well as the standard features that you might expect
from a process viewer.


New feature:
  Shiny new Mallard help

* added/updated translations
  el, courtesy of Dimitris Spingos (Δημήτρης Σπίγγος) 
  es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles 
  kn, courtesy of Shankar Prasad 
  zh_HK, courtesy of Chao-Hsiung Liao 
  zh_TW, courtesy of Chao-Hsiung Liao

List of fixed bugs
  309839 Processes list should be completely idle if window not mapped

=========  (6.94K)

======== (762K)
  sha256sum: d540cfaa2236fee67e97426c0230688dc58f78bb4da14d620f8c4da98bc279ea

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