gnome-chess 3.11.90

About gnome-chess

Play the classic two-player boardgame of chess



This version switches to using the UCI protocol to communicate with GNU Chess.
UCI support was added in GNU Chess 6.0; however, it is buggy and causes 100% CPU
usage. This is a terrible user experience, and is fixed in GNU Chess 6.1.0.
And if your distribution still ships GNU Chess 5.x, then it won't work at all.
Please check your version of GNU Chess before updating!

* GNU Chess is now the recommended default chess engine for Linux distributions.
* New difficulty levels for GNU Chess. Feedback is highly desired!
* The engines configuration file has moved from SYSCONFDIR/chess-engines.conf to
  SYSCONFDIR/gnome-chess/engines.conf and the original file will no longer be
* engines.conf now has a new option, delay-before-move, used to set the delay
  in seconds after a human moves before the engine is told to make a move. (The
  actual delay will of course be longer, since the engine needs some time to
* Many actions previously in the gear menu now live as buttons in the header
* Added extra two seconds of delay before the engine moves for most engines.
  This slows down the game to make it less overwhelming.
* It is no longer possible to enter 3D mode when using Wayland or Mir. Support
  for these environments will not be added in time for 3.10. Use 2D mode
* The game is now properly paused when the Claim Draw dialog is open.
* Fix color in window subtitle displayed when White is checkmated.
* Shorten the window subtitle displayed when something goes wrong.
* The desktop file has been renamed to gnome-chess.desktop
* Updated man page
* Updated translations

======== (3.45M)
  sha256sum: 9df997ad2b3adc7a7732b981c47b2831fa1d000b8d99f23d88eb74f6d52faed8

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