tracker 0.17.2

About Tracker

Tracker is a semantic data storage for desktop and mobile devices.
Tracker uses W3C standards for RDF ontologies using Nepomuk with
SPARQL to query and update the data.

Tracker is a central repository of user information, that provides two
big benefits for the user; shared data between applications and
information which is relational to other information (for example:
mixing contacts with files, locations, activities and etc.).


2014-02-14  Martyn Russell  <martyn lanedo com>

        Release 0.17.2

        build: Fixed the way locales are included for FireFox and Thunderbird
        Fixes distcheck

2014-02-13  Martyn Russell  <martyn lanedo com>

        tracker-needle: Fixed GTK+ 3.0 deprecations.
        Remaining cases are from generated C that Vala needs to fix (e.g.
        gtk_icon_info_free(), etc).

        tracker-needle: Fixed typo in, VALACFLAGS was not being used
        Fixes --target-glib=${GLIB_VERSION} not being used among other things

        build: Make sure --target-glib used with Vala is the correct GLib version
        Was set to 2.34, now we use ${GLIB_REQUIRED} in configure.

        This avoids a bunch of deprecation warnings about g_type_init() (fixed in
        2.36) and since we depend on ${GLIB_REQUIRED} it's fine if earlier versions
        break with Vala built C.

2014-02-13  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        tracker-extract: Split generic gstreamer/libav extract rules
        This is so audio, images and videos going through these modules get
        more specific rdf:types than nfo:Media, as it is usually nfo:Media
        subclasses which get flagged as tracker:notify. This fixes situations
        where GraphUpdated wouldn't be emitted for files where it really

        Fix build on firefox plugin
        The pl-PL directory was recursed in Makefile, but no Makefile was
        generated on that directory.

2014-02-12  Piotr Drąg  <piotrdrag gmail com>

        Added Polish translations of Firefox and Thunderbird extensions

2014-02-11  Carlos Garnacho  <carlosg gnome org>

        tracker-extract: Use a fully expanded name for the decorator nie:DataSource
        This is in order to avoid confusions where the TrackerDecorator gets the real
        nie:DataSource ID for comparisons in GraphUpdate, but implementations insert
        the shorthand, that doesn't end up resolving to the same nie:DataSource.

        libtracker-common: Add define for the tracker: ontology prefix

        libtracker-miner: Ensure the decorator nie:DataSource is queried as an IRI

2014-02-11  Martyn Russell  <martyn lanedo com>

        tracker-needle: Go to search results from entry box by pressing Down

2014-02-10  Martyn Russell  <martyn lanedo com>

        tracker-needle: Don't list emails as "Documents"

        thunderbird: Update tracker-sparql binary check to look for -1.0
        Was 0.16 and 0.14. Now we have a stable API version in the library name, this
        should mean the thunderbird plugin works more often than not.

        firefox: Update tracker-sparql binary check to look for -1.0
        Was 0.16 and 0.14. Now we have a stable API version in the library name, this
        should mean the firefox plugin works more often than not.

        Merge branch 'thunderbird-24'

        build: Use API version 1.0 instead of bumping it every stable release series.
        Dependent libraries and applications were tired of updating this every 6

        This was OK'd by the GNOME release team and others in the Tracker team.

2014-02-10  Adrien Bustany  <adrien bustany org>

        Trackerbird: Add fr-FR and es-ES locales

2014-02-10  Michael Lipp  <mnl mnl de>

        Trackerbird: added UI localization.

        plugins/thunderbird: Escape folder names in URIs

        plugins/thunderbird: Port to Thunderbird 24

        plugins/thunderbird: Fix formatting in plugin.js

        plugins/thunderbird: Add more debug messages

2014-02-09  Milo Casagrande  <milo ubuntu com>

        [l10n] Updated Italian translation.

2014-02-07  Xavier Claessens  <xavier claessens collabora co uk>

        Revert "TrackerDecorator: Remove unused argument in element_remove_link()"
        This reverts commit f804134f2ec499e919fcfb714e2c6ae702e1939e.

        TrackerDecorator: Make sure to flush remaining sparql updates when finished
        Otherwise last extracted files will never be stored.

        TrackerDecorator: Fix infinite loop
        If some ids already have a nie:dataSource, they will never be removed
        from our queue. This is a regression introduced by commit 94d4a85.

        TrackerDecorator: Remove unused argument in element_remove_link()

2014-02-07  Fran Diéguez  <fran dieguez mabishu com>

        Updated Galician translations

2014-02-06  Martyn Russell  <martyn lanedo com>

        Merge branch 'use-libmediaart'

        build: depend on libmediaart
        Previously we did everything ourselves, but now we've exported all mediaart
        functionality to a new library and we just link with that now!

2014-02-06  Xavier Claessens  <xavier claessens collabora co uk>

        TrackerFileSystem: Fix warning when registering a property twice
        Use g_hash_table_contains() instead of _lookup() for the case
        where the destroy function is NULL.

        TrackerDecoratorInfo: register as boxed type
        Introspection needs a boxed type to work. Also this fix ref-counting issue,
        tracker_decorator_next_finish() returns the ref but caller couldn't unref it
        because the unref function wasn't public. The other solution would be to make
        _next_finish() transfer none and remove the destroy func in
        g_task_return_pointer(), but that's unusual for finish functions.

        tracker_decorator_next(): Queue tasks when a query is needed
        This avoid double query when calling tracker_decorator_next()
        multiple times consecutively.

        TrackerDecorator: Fix a compilator warning
        gcc was thinking that strings could be used uninitialized.
        This fix the warning and simplify the code using a GPtrArray
        which is more natural for string arrays.

        TrackerDecorator: Avoid code duplication
        query_append_rdf_type_filter() was copy/pasted in 2 modules,
        better share one internal function.

        TrackerDecorator: Make _prepend_ids and _delete_ids singular
        It is easier to pass ids one by one instead of creating a GArray.
        Also it will be needed when passing more info about the id in
        upcoming commit.

2014-02-03  Martyn Russell  <martyn lanedo com>

        tracker-sandbox: Fix license address

2014-02-02  Rafael Ferreira  <rafael f f1 gmail com>

        Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

2014-02-01  Andika Triwidada  <andika gmail com>

        Updated Indonesian translation

2014-02-01  Chao-Hsiung Liao  <j_h_liau yahoo com tw>

        Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

2014-01-31  Colin Walters  <walters verbum org>

        Partially revert previous FSF translation commit
        It broke the "ar" and "el" translations.

2014-01-31  Daniel Mustieles  <daniel mustieles gmail com>

        Updated FSF's address

2014-01-26  Marek Černocký  <marek manet cz>

        Updated Czech translation

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