grilo 0.2.8

About grilo

Grilo is a framework that provides access to various sources of
multimedia content, using a pluggable system.


  * Added support for Vala 0.22 and 0.24
  * Bump required libglib version to 2.32
  * Added new core function: grl_deinit()
  * Added new property in GrlSource: "source-icon"
  * Added a new library: Grilo Playlist, to handle playlists as containers
  * Several fixes, including
    * BGO#657926 - add per-source icon
    * BGO#695303 - new feature: grilo playlist library
    * BGO#709208 - search instead of browse vs upnp server that does not support
      search via parentID
    * BGO#709651 - Double free when running tests
    * BGO#710185 - grilo-inspect leaves empty directories in /tmp
    * BGO#722358 - Add grl_registry_add_config_from_resource
    * BGO#722398 - core: Add unit to duration
    * BGO#722407 - Grilo build | `GLib.Icon' could not be found
    * BGO#723077 - Use the GrlSource::source-icon property in grilo-test-ui
    * BGO#723191 - Support Vala 0.24
    * BGO#723989 - Misc build fixes
    * BGO#724018 - core: Fix "Since" in GrlSource::source-icon docs
  * Added/Updated support for i18n
    * Catalan (new)
    * Catalan Valencian (new)
    * Chinese
    * Esperanto (new)
    * German
    * Greek
    * Hebrew (new)
    * Hungarian (new)
    * Malayalam
    * Norwegian bokmål
    * Portuguese
    * Tajik
    * Ukrainian (new)
  * Contributors to this release:
    Alban Browaeys <prahal yahoo com>
    Anish A <aneesh nl gmail com>
    Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>
    Carles Ferrando <carles ferrando gmail com>
    Colin Walters <walters verbum org>
    Daniel Korostil <ted korostiled gmail com>
    Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar opensuse org>
    Efstathios Iosifidis <iosifidis opensuse org>
    Emanuele Aina <emanuele aina collabora com>
    Fernando Carvalho <phaetonkde gmail com>
    Gabor Kelemen <kelemeng gnome hu>
    Gil Forcada <gforcada gnome org>
    Jacobo Aragunde Pérez <jaragunde igalia com>
    Juan A. Suarez Romero <jasuarez igalia com>
    Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas gnome org>
    Kristjan SCHMIDT <kristjan schmidt googlemail com>
    Mateu Batle <mateu batle collabora com>
    Victor Ibragimov <victor ibragimov gmail com>
    Victor Manuel Jaquez Leal <vjaquez igalia com>
    Wolfgang Stöggl <c72578 yahoo de>
    Wylmer Wang <wantinghard gmail com>
    Yosef Or Boczko <yoseforb src gnome org>

=========  (17.9K)

======== (585K)
  sha256sum: 03a50e011b897a46d6ec6fe4cfec4ca0737047f279c99b3d9eb9bef8c472cee8

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