libmediaart 0.2.0

About libmediaart

Library tasked with managing, extracting and handling media art caches


NEW in 0.2 - 2014-02-06

The main changes since 0.1.0 are:

  * build: Remove all 'tracker' uses in
  * build: Fix selection between backends Qt and GdkPixbuf
  * build: Fix requirement on tracker-0.16 in pkgconfig file
  * build: Make sure pkgconfig file uses -1.0 to avoid minor ver changes
  * extract: Port Qt backend to Qt5 and NEMO platform
  * extract: Fixed Qt(4) backend to compile and removed all Tracker references
  * libmediaart: Fix include which incorrectly defined _INSIDE in main header
  * docs: Remove reference to Tracker in reference overview

======== (264K)
  sha256sum: 407dbf83dbd5c3394454e826ec7b95f7be977fd87aac9ae6ed31a9124f8421c6

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