gedit 3.11.3

About gedit

gedit is the official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment.

While aiming at simplicity and ease of use, gedit is a powerful
general purpose text editor which features full support for UTF-8,
configurable highlighting for various languages and many other
features making it a great editor for advanced tasks.


New Features and Fixes
- More work on the new UI
- Finalize the new API to extend the menu from plugins
- Adapt plugins to the latest changes
- Restore command line handling that was broken in laste release.
- Detect when network is not available and warn if using remote documents
- Add an fpaste tool to the external tools scripts
- Rewrite the build system with nonrecursive Makefiles
- Improvements in docs.
- Misc bug fixes.

New and updated translations
- an (Jorge Pérez Pérez)
- as (Nilamdyuti Goswami)
- cs (Marek Černocký)
- el (Dimitris Spingos (Δημήτρης Σπίγγος))
- es (Daniel Mustieles)
- gd (GunChleoc)
- gl (Fran Dieguez)
- he (Yaron Shahrabani)
- kn (Shankar Prasad)
- lt (Aurimas Černius)
- nb (Kjartan Maraas)
- pt_BR (Rafael Ferreira)
- ru (Stas Solovey)
- th (Akom Chotiphantawanon)
- zh_CN (Tong Hui)
- zh_HK (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
- zh_TW (Chao-Hsiung Liao)

======== (2.71M)
  sha256sum: 033f4b5f252a5f1d50941d2618483455302f6dfd4bd47bffd0de82665eb0eefc

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