yelp-tools 3.11.5

About Yelp Tools

Collection of tools for building and converting documentation


* yelp-build: Added -i option to ignore missing media files
* yelp-build: Added -p option to provide path for external files
* yelp-build: Set LC_ALL instead of LANG for awk, #709354
* yelp-check: Added check for missing media files
* yelp-check: Added tool to check Mallard page licenses
* yelp.m4: Use AS_HELP_STRING instead of AC_HELP_STRING, #709657

=========  (2.82K)

======== (198K)
  sha256sum: 822a089e30901bb2632f39cdd3a133ebccc6802277dd18acf6fd88be982ba95f

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