gtk-mac-integration 2.0.7

About gtk-mac-integration

Gtk-mac-integration provides an add-on library which Gtk+ applications
can use to better integrate themselves into the Mac user environment,
including placing their menus on the Mac's single menubar, adding
items to the Dock menu, and bouncing the Dock icon for notifications.

 Gtk-mac-integration is licensed under the Gnu Lesser General Public
License, the same terms under whic Gtk+ is licensed.


Changes from version gtk-mac-integration-2.0.6 to version
* Bug 739492 - Default key binding for hiding window on OS X does not work.
Changes from version gtk-mac-integration-2.0.5 to version
* Add a suffix to distinguish Gtk2 and Gtk3 libraries -- Daniel Sabo
* Prevent accessing menu itemAtIndex:-1, which crashed.
* Bug 740510: Update localization strings to match GtkosxApplication name.
    -- Kevin Bernhagen and Josh Pettus
* Fix error in GTK_PYTHON_CHECK which prevented building python bindings.

=========  (574)

======== (310K)
  sha256sum: e6de70da740b452f18c113a7ebb6772936a0fb9873137514090849820e296eb7

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