gnome-calendar 3.15.3

About GNOME Calendar

Calendar application for GNOME


* Initial search implementation
* Month-view reworked
* Month-view support for overflow of events
* Month-view has support for RTL locales
* Month-view has support for multiday events
* Edit/new dialog reworked to use GtkBuilder UI files
* Added new time and date selectors
* Added proper `GtkHeaderBar`
* Added calendar selector popover for when the dialog is used on event
* Added calendar selector popover for hide/show calendars on the main window
* Navigation buttons were relocated and a Today buttong was added
* Calendar got a new 3d icon

=========  (312K)

======== (2.06M)
  sha256sum: a64b8d0b6979f324ba424c3f95ff692deaed97c8d5cb0fff38acc760dfb88d6d

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