gjs 1.43.3

About gjs

GNOME JavaScript/Spidermonkey bindings


- GTypeClass and GTypeInterface methods, such as
  g_object_class_list_properties(), are now available [#700347]
- Added full automatic support for GTK widget templates [#700347,
  #737661] [Jonas Danielsson, #739739]
- Added control of JS Date caches to system module [#739790]
- Misc bug fixes and memory leak fixes [Owen Taylor, #738122]
  [Philip Chimento, #740696, #737701]

https://download.gnome.org/sources/gjs/1.43/gjs-1.43.3.tar.xz (445K)
  sha256sum: 82b54dd4590ea1622d19b2e27978bcb9c2c5b46922e1e1780ea79b6a28aa1c4e

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