girl 0.7.0

About GNOME Internet Radio Locator

Girl, the GNOME Internet Radio Locator program, allows users to easily
find live radio programs on radio broadcasters on the Internet.  Girl
is developed on the new GNOME platform and requires at least one audio
helper such as totem to be installed.  Enjoy Internet Radio.


2014-12-12  Ole Aamot  <oka oka no>

        * girl version 0.7.0 release.
        * AUTHORS: Add Piotr Drąg (Polish translation)
        * NEWS: Release girl version 0.7.0
        * THANKS: Piotr Drąg for minor typo fix and Polish translation
        * Update RPM spec file for Fedora 21
        * po/pl.po: Polish translation by Piotr Drąg
        * src/girl-gui.c: Add GtkWidget progress
        * src/girl-runners.c: Modify mutex functions for future usage.
        * src/girl-runners.h: Modify mutex functions for future usage.
        * src/girl-station.c: Add asynchronous child process function.
        * src/girl.h: Rename DEBUG macro GIRL_DEBUG, add progress bar.
        * src/stations.xml: Add 2NURFM (
        * src/stations.xml: Add Radio Adelaide (

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  sha256sum: 07d8ec46b8244ad722bd2e76847349756d539b8e2a164ad58c6dc84ef33e52a8

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