girl 0.6.283185307

About GNOME Internet Radio Locator

Girl, the GNOME Internet Radio Locator program, allows users to easily
find live radio programs on radio broadcasters on the Internet.  Girl
is developed on the new GNOME platform and requires at least one audio
helper such as totem to be installed.  Enjoy Internet Radio.


2014-12-10  Ole Aamot  <oka oka no>

        * girl version 0.6.283185307 release in honor of Malala
        * src/girl-runners.c: Add file for the threads implementation
        * src/girl-runners.h: Add file for the threads implementation

=========  (292)

======== (272K)
  sha256sum: 3214a80a303c5735b47876d302364e7d6f20000f4c6ac7db6139fa70e9c03fb5

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