genius 1.0.17

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Genius Math Tool


* Better precision for graphs especially when zoomed it a lot, and make font
  smaller if needed
* Line plots and parametric plots now allow "fit dependent axis" automatically
  when y limits are unspecified.  And this is the default in the UI
* Add export of graphs to PDF directly
* Line plot step size is adaptive, also line plots now detect jumps and do not
  draw a connecting line, try plotting UnitStep for example
* Use arrow keys to move around a line plot
* left-right arrow keys rotate surface plot
* All plots are now antialiased on the screen (due to GtkExtra update and
  cairo usage).
* Update internal GtkExtra to 3.0.5, and forward port all our changes/fixes
  (this gets us closer to supporting GTK+3 at some point)
* Completion for "help on function" in the GUI
* Fix FindRootBisection and FindRootMullersMethod
* Factors is now a lot faster on very large numbers (as fast as Factorize)
* Fix placement of labels on surface plots
* A few small fixes and updates to the documentation
* A few minor bugfixes
* Update mersenne primes (new one is known)
* Translation updates (Daniel Mustieles, Marek Černocký, Dimitris Spingos,
  Jiro Matsuzawa, Kjartan Maraas, Martin Srebotnjak, Matej Urbančič,
  Gil Forcada, Alexandre Franke, Joe Hansen, Miguel Rodríguez)

* During making of these changes the author (Jiri) was partially supported by
  NSF grant DMS 0900885 and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

=========  (5.19K)

======== (2.21M)
  sha256sum: 2af0cf64a3bae45e8e6c38ce8c0c0724386ae29614a83d9eff179ee09ecef44f

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