gnome-control-center 3.9.3

About gnome-control-center

GNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop


- Port to BlueZ 5

- show explanation of why pictures source might be empty

- Update UI strings to follow the HIG

- Make a number of dialogues non-resizable

Region, Wacom, Shell:
- Set button arrow icons according to locale's text direction

Sound, Background:
- ensure dialogs are closed if panel changed

- Raise the existing window when already opened
- Go back to overview when setting panel to NULL

- Rename "Content sticks to fingers" to "Natural Scrolling"

- retrieve the mDNS hostname from Avahi, if available

- Make sure not to display an empty input sources list

User Accounts:
- Don't let user disable own account
- Don't show heading for other accounts if there are none
- Hide 'Add Account' dialog when panel goes away
- After the add account dialog is cancelled, discard results
- Remove autologin when an account is deleted
- avoid problems with automatic login and disabled accounts
- prevent the only Administrator from being demoted
- prevent the only admin from being deleted or disabled
- User friendly password hints
- "Add user account" and password dialogs redesign
- Set the password mode to regular immediately
- Fix possible crashes when changing the language in the region panel
  if done after the user panel was opened

- Add command line argument support for choosing the tablet
- Add command line support for calibration
- Fix discrepancy when switching monitors from g-c-c

=========  (26.9K)

======== (6.45M)
  sha256sum: e9d45cbc07485f335fdfd748e18589dc26b0d14e8e970021f1114aac28911236

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